Doing Business in India Learning Plan

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India is not a country but a sub-continent. Its recent economic growth has made it one of the World’s favorite destinations for Foreign Direct Investment. Beyond it borders, Indians continue to play an important role as a source of high quality talent, be it in the technology sector, or in academia or other areas of business. Understanding how to do business in India, and perhaps more importantly the Indian diaspora, has never been more important.

Our learning plan allows you to:

  • Analyze the global context for emerging market
  • Learn to interpret global trends via terms like GDP and other econometrics
  • Understand why and how quickly emerging markets are reshaping the global economic landscape

Update yourself on facts about India. Verify how much do you really know or not know about India. Analyze why India is called a land of contrasts. Learn the different aspects about doing business in India through her natural and demographic resources. Appreciate the influence of an ancient civilization and culture before achieving success in business with an emerging market. Who are Indians? What are the most important aspects of Indian culture? How does the multiculturalism of the land relate to doing business in India?

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