Sustainable Finance: Energy

Sustainable Finance: Energy

If we want renewable energy to be our future, investment in the energy industry needs to change. 

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In the last 5 years, renewable energy has grown 3 times faster than fossil fuels, and by 2025, renewable energy capacity is set to expand by 50%. Adding to this, developing and emerging economies outweighed developed countries in renewable energy capacity investment for the fifth year running.  

Despite all these advances, renewable energy is continuing to face challenges. It is unable to achieve a much larger share of global electricity generation. This is mainly due to increased investment in fossil fuel. Between 2016 and 2019, private banks have funded a total of USD 2.7 trillion in fossil fuel projects. If we want renewable energy to be our future, this needs to change. 

Join us for the 6th and final episode of our webinar series to talk about: 

  1. How can Financial Institutions start diverting investments from fossil fuel to renewable energy?  

  1. How to overcome Renewable Energy challenges related to market conditions (e.g., cost, diversity, resource availability, etc.) and policy decisions (e.g., tax credits, feed-in-tariffs, regulations, etc.)?  

  1. Can Renewable Energy tackle energy and justice-related issues of energy accessibility & affordability, energy security and sustainability. 


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22 Apr 2021 16:00:00

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22 Apr 2021 17:00:00

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