Primer on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Primer on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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11 out of 12 startups fail and 19 out of 20 product innovations fail. So, what does it take to become an innovator & entrepreneur in the 21st century?

Learning Objectives

  • Who coined the definition of innovation? 
  • What is imitation and its relation to innovation? 
  • What led to the boom of disruptive innovations? 
  • Factors that make an innovation become disruptive 
  • Core Skills needed to become an Entrepreneur 
  • How to gain Entrepreneurial Skills 
  • Why Entrepreneurial Skills are Important for Everyone 
  • The importance of industrial and digital revolution in the world of entrepreneurship.  
  • What makes an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur? 

Course Description

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a buzzword that you see plastered everywhere in the news these days. But what do these concepts mean? Innovation & Entrepreneurship has constantly evolved over the years - from the caveman who invented the wheel to the digital and internet revolution in the 21st century.

Many businesses around the world are always trying to innovate. However, only a small minority of them find success. Many factors help drive innovation, but not all of them guarantee it will be successful.

This is why set out to create an introductory course on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Ours is an engaging 10-part animated series that will explore the skills, mindset, and challenges in becoming a successful innovator & entrepreneur in the 21st century.


Module 1:

Primer on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2:30 Hours

1.1:Introduction to Innovation 0:15
1.2:Business Innovation 0:15
1.3:What is Disruptive Innovation? 0:15
1.4:Evolution in Entrepreneurship 0:15
1.5:Developing Entrepreneurial Skills 0:15
1.6:What is Social Innovation 0:15
1.7:Social Entrepreneurship 0:15
1.8:Frugal Innovation 0:15
1.9:Innovator and Entrepreneur 0:15
1.10:Everyone an Entrepreneur 0:15


Shruti Suresh

Vignesh M



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2:30 Hours

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