Introduction To Indian Art – Cinema

Introduction To Indian Art – Cinema

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This is an introduction series. This part of the series focusses on Indian Cinema and storytelling, known around the world popularly as Bollywood. Learn More. Enroll Now.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about India’s history in storytelling 

  1. Understand the life in India from the point of view of art.  

  1. Approaching Indian art as an intrinsic part of everyday Indian culture. 

Course Description

Storytelling in India has been part of the culture of the land. It has evolved from old artforms like literature, performing arts, graphic arts and architecture to modern day cinema.  In the globalized world of today, you will see examples and influences from Indian history and  present day to explain in its cinema  Get a quick understanding of what Indian art means and what you need to know to appreciate the value of looking Indian cinema as art. This is an introduction series. This part focusses on cuisine, literature and cinema. 


Himanshu Shukla


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