Introduction to Doing Business in India

Introduction to Doing Business in India

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Our course on Doing Business in India introduces you to the understanding the business ethics and culture of India. This course will hone your entrepreneurial skills and help you in setting up a business in India.

Learning Objectives


  1. Verify how much do you really know or not know about India.
  2. Analyze why India is called a land of contrasts.
  3. Learn the different aspects about doing business in India through her natural and demographic resources.
  4. Remember the influence of an ancient civilization and culture before achieveing success in business with an emerging market.
  5. Understand why and how quickly the world around us is changing.
  6. How does the multiculturalism of the land relate to doing business in India?

Course Description

We are living at a time when leveraging emerging market opportunities will be key to growth and sustainability. This course will focus on India, one of the largest emerging markets, and how to Do Business in India and with Indians around the world. In this course, get introduced to India the way Indians know their country to be. Understand the D for Democracy, D for Demography and D for Diversity of India. In learning how to do business with Indians, this course will tell you all the facts that will help you get a basic understanding of this large subcontinent . Through wonderful animation and storytelling, you will get a peek into the physical/ political geography and history of India. This SLX course explains how India is now one of the fastest developing economies in the world

Introduction to Doing Business in India


Divya Badri


  • Why should I do this course?
    If you want to learn more about India from a business perspective, this course will help you understand various aspects of a diverse, multicultural society step by step, .
  • What should I do after this course?
    After getting introduced to some of the business aspects about India, you can explore more about the culture of the land. Business is part of a socio-economic fabric and understanding society is useful to understanding economics.
  • What will I benefit from doing this course?
    You will get to widen your horizons by learning about India and Indians from the economic angle.
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15th May 20

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15th May 20

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