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Through this course you will understand the history of Internationalisation and how it changed the world. The course covers topics ranging from what is internationalisation, internationalisation theory, internationalisation strategies, and global business in last 20 years.

Learning Objectives

Understand internationalisation and globalisation

What are global economics

What role does trade play in global economics

What roles does history play in global trade

Course Description

The way the global business has changed in the last 20 years has a lot to do with internationalisation. Through this course, you will get a broad understanding the definition of internationalisation, history of internationalisation,  theories of globalization, as well as internationalisation strategies. The course also helps you trace the growth of global business in the last 20 years with interactive graphics and examples of how internationalisation changed our world 


Module 1:

Introduction to Internationalisation

0:30 Hours

1.1:What is Internationalization? 0:15
1.2:The World Economy in the Last 20 Years 0:15


Divya Badri


Mastering India

  • Why should I do this course?
    This is blended learning and this online course gives through visual storytelling and varied examples that will help you in mastering india, knowing India and to understand India
  • What should I do after this course?
    After completing this learning plan, you can proceed to learn about Doing Business in India, Indian culture and Sustainability .
  • What will I benefit from doing this course?
    You will gain insights that will help you broaden your horizons.
  • How can I test myself?
    You can do the tests after the video or you can do quizzes under QUIZ or you can do both.
  • How can I learn more?
    SLX is a blended learning platform. You can either do individual short courses or deep dives or do a learning plan which is a set of multiple courses, all depending on your time and resources. You can also look under experiences and events for travel - based and interaction based learning.
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0:30 Hours

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