Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

You have the ideas, and you have the aspiration to be an entrepreneur. But what does it take to be an innovator and entrepreneur?

Course Description

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two buzzwords that everyone wants to be related with. However, both are vast topics with a flood of information flowing around. This ten-part series has five episodes that focus on Innovation and five on Entrepreneurship.

The course focuses on different models, what models have worked, what have failed and why? Attend the course to learn about how entrepreneurs think and what factors lead to success across different models of innovation.

Are social innovations disruptive? What gave rise to OTT streaming platforms and how did they find success the way they did? Why should businesses keep innovating? Will frugal innovation create a sustainable world? What does it take to be social entrepreneur? Find the answers to these questions as we bring this 10-part course to you in January 2021.