Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality

The 2019 SDG Gender Index finds that nearly 40% of women and girls live in countries that are “failing on achieving gender equality.” Making SDG 5 - Gender Equality one of the worst performing SDGs.

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Integral to the SDGs is a ‘leave no one behind’ slogan to ensure that the goals impact people from all walks of life, in equal measure by the year 2030. This makes SDG – Gender Equality an important goal to achieve. 

It is therefore puzzling to still see numbers like - women doing 2.6 times more unpaid care and domestic work than men and women representation in political offices still being at 23.7%. However, several activists are working hard to overcome many of these challenges and many have made incredible contributions.

If you are curious about how SDG goal 5 is working towards eradicating gender inequality and what can be done to overcome its challenges, show interest here. 


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