Future of Work

Future of Work

Technologies like AI, automation, robotics is changing the way we work. What does this mean for the future of skill development and work?

Course Description

Technologies like automation, AI, IoT, robotics is going to shape the way we work. We are living amid rapidly changing times. Marked by an abundance of data and rapid digitalization, available jobs, the skills needed for these jobs and the incomes generated are also changing. 

Work models are evolving – gig models are on the rise. Automation is replacing many jobs. How are these technologies going to affect our environment, economy and society?

Click to show interest and we will bring you a course on the future of work. The course will:

  1. Tell you which are the technology and skills that will be more valued over the next few years. 
  2. Give you an understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with these transformations, and how to respond to those.