Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture

Agriculture uses 70% of fresh water and by 2050, it is projected to use 85% fresh water. What does this mean for the future of food, agriculture and water scarcity?

Course Description

Food and agricultural systems worldwide are facing many unprecedented challenges. 

  1. Increasing demand for food for a growing population 
  2. Rising hunger and malnutrition  
  3. Adverse climate change effects  
  4. Overexploitation of natural resources  
  5. Loss of biodiversity  
  6. Food loss and waste 

What does all of this mean for food insecurity? If you are interested in the future of a sector that provides livelihoods to 65% of the world’s population and is a necessity for all, you are in the right place. Click to show your interest, and we will be thrilled to bring the learning experience to you! 


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