Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Most of our work, money and personal information are online these days. Technology is shaping the way we work and the way we live. How risky is this?

Course Description

Businesses, governments, and policy makers should work towards strengthening our cyber security policies. How to make our data and money safe from Blackhat hackers and protect ourselves from cyber bullies?

COVID-19 saw a rise in online activity across sectors, and it also saw a rise in cyber-attacks like phishing. But did it give us a push to have more open discussion around cyber security and data privacy? 4IR is rapidly transforming our lives and it is making us more vulnerable than ever.

Click to show interest in this course. This course will focus on exploring why a stellar and strong proactive approach towards data privacy is needed across all sectors. How can collaboration and strengthened policy protect us all from the dangers that lurk in the virtual world?