Business in India

Business in India

How has business evolved over the years in India? This series has all the answers you need for investing in new ventures in the Great Peninsula

Course Description

For establishing a successful venture in India, one needs an understanding of: corporate laws, HR Laws, FDI, Business Culture in prevalence in India, among others. Being aware of the trends of the Indian market is crucial as the IT boom propagated waves of liberalisation. 

The rural and urban aspects of India shall also be visited, along with some success stories of foreign companies succeeding in the Great Peninsula.  To learn more watch our series, which will various modules such as: 

  1. Module 1: Indian market 
  2. Module 2: Understanding India scenario 
  3. Module 3: Governance and Business 
  4. module 4 : Laws and regulations for doing business in India 
  5. Module 5: India history and potential for business India scenario 


Mastering India