Business Analytics - Gathering Data

Business Analytics - Gathering Data

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How did we get to where we are today in business analytics? Look back at the path that led from early computing, to modern analytics and big data. Learn More. Enroll Now.

Learning Objectives

1.Understand how decisions are made in business.  

2. Learn the role that analytics play 

3. Assess the quality of a decision by analyzing what inputs are considered during decision making in businesses at all levels. 

Course Description

We are creating a staggering amount data on a daily basis. Every click on every browser around the world, and every sensor in every device, contributes to the expansion of the global datasphere. This course is designed to teach you what is business analytics. You will learn real world examples of how business analytics is applied in the world’s most famous companies. What tools used to perform analytics. How businesses are responding to new trends in business analytics. From the basics of analytical techniques, the history of analytics to Big Data and beyond, this course gives you an overview of the world of Business Analytics through real world examples.


Satyadeep Rajan

The focus of my career has been on innovation, entrepreneurship, education and youth employment. My enterprise skills include finance, business development and technology. I love design thinking and interdisciplinary approaches to value creation.



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