Sustainable business case study (Coca Cola)

Sustainable business case study (Coca Cola)

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Sustainable business strategies are core to building a better society. Bringing you a case study on what happens when corporate houses fail to follow CSR proactively.

Course Description

Sustainable business strategies are the only way through which corporate can benefit environment and society. They have got enough potential and money. But it had been observed that corporates rarely have been proactive to work towards sustainability. They have acted only when certain question raised on their processes or activities or they start loosing market share due to trust. Reputation plays a big role for any corporate and hence doing business in an appropriate way matters a lot. One such example of proactiveness vs reactiveness is of Coca cola brand and their activities in India. They initially took time to accept and then did lot of efforts to tackle those issue and give back to society. 

Learning Objectives

  • To know what a sustainable business means 

  • Why business never considered sustainability from beginning 

  • A case study of Coca cola in India 


Himanshu Shukla


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