The Role of NGOs in Indian CSR

The Role of NGOs in Indian CSR

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What has been the role of NGOs in CSR in India? Is the collaboration of NGOs and corporate social activities a new development? Or did this model exist in the pre-independence era as well? Watch to understand the role of NGOs in improving CSR.

Course Description

NGOs are better when we think of executing and connecting with people. India has a long history of such institution or organization with concept of dan and seva giving for society and these type organization existed long time in field of education or disaster . Currently iIdia have about 34 lakh NGOs but a lot got changed after FCRA rules changes in 2010 . Many NGOs got backlisted as some of them were misusing investment from outside. CSR is on of  way to invest in NGOs and their program which can impact life of bottom 80% people. But it has been seen as per Govt report that while only 43 % money executed by NGOs and 34% by corporate self. Well this is because of differences between NGOs and corporates ideologies and execution way. We need  more public private partnership to impact in a better way for the needy ones. 

Learning Objectives

  • To know what relation between NGO and CSR is 

  • What are the challenges and issues related to NGOs 

  • What progress CSR has shown in different sectors of India 


Himanshu Shukla


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