CSR Assessments and reporting

CSR Assessments and reporting

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Corporate social responsibility assessment and reporting to have a clear measure on its impact on the society. It is also the best one to make companies accountable about their CSR activities. Learn the role of CSR reporting in this episode of corporate social responsibility in India.

Course Description

CSR assessment and reporting are now considered important business practice. This is because many corporates hide actual information about their CSR but take benefits by false claims and hence appropriate frameworks are needed for that. CSR assessment models have evolved with time and it became more focused towards society. Well there are many benefits for the corporates if they do CSR assessment and reporting properly like employee retention rate, trust, branding image and many more. But some corporate hid actual information and hence assessment faces many issues and thus it become crucial to have all component and indicators to analyse corporate activities and their actual impact on society

Learning Objectives

  • To know what CSR assessment is and what are major components 

  • How corporate benefit from doing proper reporting 

  • What are issues in doing assessment 


Himanshu Shukla


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